Studio Élémentaires is a french scenography studio founded by Apolline Couverchel and Gauthier Haziza.
Fascinated by scenic illusions, stagecraft leads their aesthetic.
A large part of their work is dedicated to the act of showing through a theatrical approach of light and space.

Their projects convoke a diversity of materials with optical and kinetic properties.
The work of Studio Élémentaires is building up around vibrant collaborations.



Gauthier HAZIZA
Gauthier HAZIZA

Light & interaction designer

Art Residency


2016 – 2017

Studio Élementaires was invited by Qiong-Er Jiang, Founder & Artistic Director of SHANG XIA to design the new Cultural Object, In the Moment.

“SHANG XIA is a brand for art of living, committed to innovative design which brings to modern life the Chinese sense of style and the virtuosity of traditional crafts.  As above, so below, the name SHANG XIA is simple but profound. It evokes the heritage and the construction of intangible bridges which link traditions and the present, East and West, Art and Lifestyle, Human and Nature.”



Studio Élementaires was invited to stay at the Swatch Art Peace Hotel Residency in Shanghai during a four months period.
The Swatch Art Peace Hotel artist residency gathers artists from all around the world to experience a unique cultural environment dedicated to contemporary art.

In this residency program, we worked on two projects inspired by traditionnal chinese kites and the concept of time – Ciels-Volants  and  Passe-Temps.


Abbey Church of Bernay’s Fine Arts Museum
Carte Blanche commissioned by Martin Roch
Site specific, evolutive and kinetic installation
Bernay (Normandie), France , 2018

Cinema UGC – Ciné Cité Les Halles
Commissioned by Manifesto agency
collaboration with artists Elliott Causse & Kenia Almaraz Murillo
Fluctuations – Light design
Paris, France, 2018

Maison Shang Xia – Hermès group
In The Moment – Shanghai and Beijing Boutiques – Windows design
China, 2017

Style One – Concept store
Lever de Rideau – kinetic installation
Kids fashion show  – set design
Shanghai, China, 2016

Maia Active – Fashion brand
AW Lookbook set design
Shanghai, China, 2016

Artist Daliah Spiegel
Meneater – Interactive installation
Shanghai, China, 2016

Artist Elliott Causse
Pendulum – kinetic installation
Paris, France, 2017
Prismes – kinetic installation
Paris, France, 2017
Light House – kinetic installation
Paris, France, 2016
Car Crash – interactive and kinetic installation
Paris, France, 2014

Camille Roy, stage director
Set & light design
Paris, France, 2013 – 2014 – 2015 – 2016 – 2017 – 2018

Hotel Marriott, Renaissance Trocadero
collaboration with Artist Dominique Doulain – light design
Paris, France, 2015

Bureau Betak
Dior – research and art direction for an exhibition project
Paris, France, 2015

Royal College of Music
The Infinite Bridge – artistic consulting
London, UK, 2015

Sophie Loucachevsky, stage director
Théâtre du Conservatoire National Supérieur d’Art Dramatique
Two Way Mirror – set and light design
Paris, France, 2014

 Parimage Agency
RATP – research and art direction
Paris, France, 2014

Oxford Brand
Oxford Big Project – consulting
Paris, France, 2014

Pascal Bernardin – Encore Production
Illusions exhibition –  research and art direction
Paris, France, 2014

Tsvetnoy Central Market
Represented by JR & Associée agency
2013, AW Lookbook – set design
2014, SS Campaign – set design
Moskow, Russia, 2013 & 2014

Studio Diplomates
Dusan – Officine Générale – Damir Doma
Collection’s display
The Chalet Society,
The Hidden Word Exhibition – interactive installation
Paris, France, 2013

Chef Paul Pairet
Palais des Beaux Arts de Paris
Twins –  kinetic installation for Cookbook exhibition
Paris, France, 2013
Ultraviolet Restaurant
Orchestre culinaire
interactive installation
Shanghai, China, 2013 – 2014

École Normale Supérieure
La Nuit Sartre –  light installation
Paris, France, 2013



Head of Education
ENSAAMA – Olivier de Serres

Apolline & Gauthier are attached to share their craft, acting in the National Graduate School of Applied Arts and the Art Professions.
The “Light Workhop” forms a common core inside the interdisciplinary school focusing on arts and technics of lighting design.

They converge learning process and experimentations through different working groups, extended by a specific lecture program and outdoors workshops.

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