It’s five o’clock on a clear morning. We are strolling on the Bund in Shanghai. Kites are floating above to welcome a new day. Each morning, before the city awakes, kite-lovers gaze towards the sky. Lifted by the wind, their kites soar high over the skyscrapers to reach the heavens.Viewers on the ground are offered a heavenly spectacle of white and blue as clouds expand in the azure sky.

As onlookers, the beauty of this scene mesmerized us. As artists, this Chinese and ancient custom inspired us. This experience allowed us to discover one fascinating tradition in Chinese culture.
These delicate, refined works of art trace their origins to centuries-old tradition of craftsmanship, their various shapes and forms flying high above are a testament to the power of heritage. These freely floating inventions captured our imagination, recalling our own dreams of flight, and prompting us to explore the relationship between kites and time. To us, the easy movements of the clouds and the transience of their colors form the most elemental portrait of time.The blue of the sky no longer appears as a visual design, but rather as a moment, a symbol in which the poetry of the moment can be found.

Therefore, we have designed a kite that is a frame of a new treading time. The idea of Flying Sky thus was born, a way to celebrate the present moment.

(Photos credits © Studio Élémentaires)

Residency workshop from the Swatch Art Peace Hotel (Shanghai)

Spring 2015

Master Gu

Bamboo sticks, unwoven fabric, cotton string, digital printing

45cm x 40cm