Flèche gauche Flèche droite


flèche droite flèche droite
  • Commisionned by
    UGC Cinema
  • Collaboration with
    Elliot Causse & Kenia Almaraz Murillo
  • Place
    UGC Ciné Cité Les Halles (Paris)
  • Date
    March 2018
  • Production
    Manifesto Paris
  • Materials
    LED lights, light filters
  • Dimensions
    Kinetic line - 14 m (l)
    Light objects - 120 cm (l)

Designed for the cinema UGC Ciné Cité les Halles in Paris, Fluctuations is a lasting installation realised following on from our collaboration with the artists Elliott Causse and Kenia Almaraz Murillo.

Through the use of black light, our lighting device reveals the word INVISIBLE hidden in the mural. Thanks to this subtle effect, the letters appear by magic and make the invisible visible.
Echoing this kinetic experience, we created a site-specific light design for highlighting the whole of the artwork.