• Collaboration with
    Shang Xia (Hermès)
  • Place
    Shang Xia Atelier (Shanghai)
  • Date
  • Manufacturing
    Master Hongli
  • Dimensions
    40 cm x 40 cm (closed)
    40 cm x 80 cm (opened)

After being initiated to the traditional kite’s making techniques, we wished to share this unique craftsmanship and our personal poetic vision of time by creating unique pieces for Shang Xia.
In the moment has been presented as the new project of Shang Xia’s Cultural Object offer.

Our residency project led us to collaborate on a carte blanche with Maison Shang Xia (founded by Hermès in 2012) for the third edition of their Cultural Object.
More than a design product, the Cultural Object represents the aesthetic and the motto of Shang Xia from its beginnings : highlighting and sharing a singular component of the Chinese traditional culture. Elegantly displayed in case, six objects inspired by the heavens celebrate the beauty of the present moment.

The master piece of this box-set is a Flying Sky kite that invits to cherish the time passing.
The kite is entirely hand-made by one of the latest Chinese kite master in Weifang, Master Hongli. Its simple geometrical structure is made of three assembled bamboo sticks.
A crafted unwoven fabric is appended to the structure on which a sky’s fragment is printed.