Flèche gauche Flèche droite


flèche droite flèche droite
  • Collaboration with
    StyleOne concept store
  • Place
    StyleOne concept store (Shanghai)
  • Date
    November 2016
  • Materials
    Window display - curtain, string, pulleys, motors, aduino, electronics
    Catwalk design - wood panels, wood feet

Invited by StyleOne concept store, we designed two site-specific projects for the new boutique’s launching event in Shanghai.

Set up for a kids wear runway show, a custom made furniture draws a serpentine catwalk along the walls. The curve shaped and dotted benches have multiple feet so as to add rhythm and colours on the top surface.
In addition to the catwalk, a kinetic window installation goes along this playful design.
As an echo to the ritual of a theater play opening, the device reworks the movement of the inaugural curtain raiser.