• Collaboration with
    Elliott Causse (Flux paintings)
  • Place
    L’Amour (Paris)
  • Date
    March 2016
  • Materials
    Steel tubes, wood, back light lamp, aluminum sheet, fluorescent ink, motor, wiring
  • Dimensions
    230 cm (h) X 100 cm (w)

Our collaboration with the artist Elliott Causse is composed of three kinetic devices (Light House, Pendulum, Fluctuations). Thanks to the black light magic revelation, those installations propose a new way of seeing the «Flux» of the artist. The movement of the devices sometimes reveals or sometimes fills in the drawing of this labyrinthine grid.

The design of the structures is willingly graphic and takes his wired geometry from the architecture and signs that compose the urban landscape.
We consider these objects as switches which irrigate the Flux of an invisible energy and activate the idea of a time-space of the contemplative experience.Their central position in the space calls for immersion.

In this visual and kinetic sequence, the light house underlines the presence of an invisible landscape and beats a regular pulsation among the labyrinthine fresco.
The scenographic device turns the space to another, thus inviting to a sudden change of scenery.