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flèche droite flèche droite
  • Collaboration with
    Daliah Spiegel
  • Place
    Daliah restaurant (Shanghai)
  • Date
    October 2016
  • Materials
    Cotton fabric, digital printing, aduino, infrared light barrier, electronics
  • Dimensions
    360 cm (h) x 240 cm (l)

Meneater is an interactive installation which proposes to go through the terrific den of the devourer devil.

A monumental black and white drawing represents the frontage of the famous illusionist and mystic Cabaret de l’Enfer in Paris at the end of the XIXe century.
This scale-1 illustration is divided into paper strips so as to prompt the visitor to get through it. When the latter gets into the monstrous mouth, a terrifying scream is heard.