Flèche gauche Flèche droite


flèche droite flèche droite
  • Invited by
    Swatch Art Peace Residency program
  • Place
    Swatch Art Peace Hotel Residency (Shanghai)
  • Date
    Spring 2015
  • Materials
    Steel tubes, PVC sheets, motor, gears, threaded rods, arduino, anenometer, electronics
  • Dimensions
    Mustoscope - 200 cm (h) x 64 cm (l)
    Anenometer tripod 100 cm (h) x 40 cm (w)

How can we keep a trace of the kites flight ?
To go along and show our kites collection, it was essential to us to get out from a static presentation mode. We imagined a device whose functioning imposes movement, rhythm and speed, thus echoing to the inherent function of a kite.

Passe-temps is a scenographic device inspired by the optical toy mutoscope from the early stage of cinematography.
We captured one flight moment of each kite in twenty four pictures per second. Twelve mutoscopes are displayed side by side to show this sequence.
Thanks to an interactive process, they are animated depending the real time wind’s speed, caught by an anemometer.
Those rotating images make literally «passing the time» in a chromatic loop.