Flèche gauche Flèche droite


flèche droite flèche droite
  • Commisionned by
    Elliott Causse (Flux paintings)
  • Place
    Galerie du Crous (Paris)
  • Date
    October 2017
  • Materials
    Steel tubes, back light fluorescent tubes, white fluorescent tubes, stepper motor, arduino, electronics, wiring
  • Dimensions
    Triangular structure - 300 cm (l) x 170 cm (h)
    Light line - 370 cm (l)
  • Sound design
    Hector De Lacroix

Our collaboration with the artist Elliott Causse is composed of three kinetic devices (Light House, Pendulum, Fluctuations). Thanks to the black light magic revelation, those installations propose a new way of seeing the Flux of the artist. The movement of the devices sometimes reveals or sometimes fills in the drawing of this labyrinthine grid.

A line of light slowly tilts on both sides of a steel triangular structure. In a movement of a pendulum two luminous states rotate, making by turns appear and then disappear the fresco of the artist Elliott Causse.
Settled at the center of the exhibition space, the installation acts as a revelation tool of space and time and symbolizes by its course the transition from a light to one other.