• Collaboration with
    Elliott Causse & Kenia Almaraz Murillo
  • Place
    Petits-Augustins Chapel (Paris)
  • Date
    May 2017
  • Materials
    Steel, filters, LED strip, PMMA transparent tubes, neodymium magnets, strings, stepper motor, arduino, electronics
  • Dimensions
    30 cm (h) x 1200 cm (l)
  • Sound design
    Hector De Lacroix

The artists Kenia Almaraz Murillo and Elliott Causse proposed us to take possession of the surprising enclosure of the Petits-Augustins Chapel alongside with them.
Willingly radical in the exhibition space our proposition set up a visual coherence with the artists artworks.

The first act was to create a line of force in the central nave. As a stroke outlined with a pen, the twelve meters long installation is set up in the main perspective to give the scale, the balance to the viewer’s eye.
This minimal shape reminds the back and forth movement of the string driven by the shuttle of the weaving loom. The second intention was light, to draw up an assumed contrast with the aesthetic and the sacred dimension of the place. The third and nal point was colours, chosen as an echo to the chromatic harmony of the artists works.

Weaving between light and matter, Prismes is an invitation to contemplate the colour’s mechanism.
Thanks to a magnetic trick, a peacock blue tube travels along the line and reveals the colours blend’s spectacle. Through its movement, the spatial device creates surprising links between light and colours.