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  • Collaboration with
    Chef Paul Pairet for Cookbook exhibition
  • Place
    Palais des Beaux-Arts (Paris)
  • Curators
    Andrea Petrini & Nicolas Bourriaud
  • Date
    October-January 2013
  • Materials
    Wood battens, aluminum sheet, blacklight lamps, glass domes, pulleys, cables, motor, electronics, software, fragrance diffuser (Scentys).
  • Dimensions
    280 cm (h) X 200 cm (l) X 100 cm (w)
  • Perfumer
    Benjamin Bélizon

Visionary and three Michelin-starred chef for his immersive restaurant Ultraviolet in Shanghai, Paul Pairet reinvents the art of cooking to create unexpected and multi-sensory experiences.
Invited by the Palais des Beaux-Art of Paris for the exhibition Cookbook, the chef proposed us to design a scenographic device for showcasing and revealing the concept of one of his most iconic dish. Our inspiration drawn into a key ingredient of his cooking process : illusion.

Tomate mozza et encore is at the origin of the installation’s design : two plates visually identical, but with different tastings. This trick eye is unveiled thanks to a seesaw movement inspired by the theater machinery.
The revelation happens as a change of scenery. This kinetic movement evokes the idea of the cooking process. When the two glass domes are slowly lifted up, two black light lamps bring the two plates ingredients list out, one is salted, the other sweet.
The collaboration with a perfumer adds an olfactory dimension to the sensory experience.